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We are proud to host the 2014 Annual Golden Skate Hockey Tournament featuring teams from FDNY, LA county and Boise Fire. Look for the teams to take the ice November 6th - 9th!
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The Portland Firefighters Hockey Club was created with the idea of putting together a hockey team of all firefighters to compete against other firefighter hockey teams in tournaments.  More than just the ever so intense competition between firefighters, it was also formed so that in these tournaments we can raise money for various charities.
All of us on the team could easily play hockey with a local rink team made up of men from various backgrounds and careers, but we chose to be a part of the Portland Firefighters Hockey Club because we all believe in the three aspects of our club:

-We have a passion for the game of hockey.
-We have a passion and bond with the brotherhood of the Fire Service.
-We want to make a difference and raise money for charities.
That's what makes our club so special.  There's something about hitting the ice against other fire department hockey teams that makes the competition intense, the passion come from the heart, and the brotherhood become even greater.  It's an absolute blessing to be a firefighter and an absolute privilege to be involved in the Portland Firefighters Hockey Club.
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The PFHC would love to make you our next sponsor.  Your logo could be on our website, on our banner above our bench, and even tattooed on our chests for the right price.  If you like what you see in our club, believe in our mission, and are interested in supporting us and the charities we support please contact the Portland Firefighters Hockey Club Captain, Monte Schierling

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